Seasonal Escapes: Each Season has Something Special for You


Most of us are destined to lose touch with our loved ones as well as Mother Nature due to the maelstrom of our lives. If you want to have a weekend off together and you are dreaming of a seasonal break, read on. Seaside summer and sweet cosy winters, maybe poles apart but both seasons urge you to elope away to the arms of nature breaking through the daily cycle of work stress and have a retreat. Whether you want to have a rest by the serene river banks basking in the sun or spend a warm evening sitting next to a bonfire when it's frosty outside. From the blooming flowers of spring, and the natural beauty of the monsoon season, to the green trees and wonderful sceneries of summer, each season has its beauty. Let us help you find the best places near Pune to visit to rekindle your love for your close ones and the bond with Mother Nature in any season you wish to.


Choose the best places to travel near Pune

To paint a picture of this place, envision yourself stepping into a world where time almost comes to a standstill, all your problems of the outer world recede into the background and as far as your eyes can see, the land is covered in viridescence. This is the world of Nature Trails, which is located only a couple of hours from Pune. Here you will find yourself at peace in the midst of the magnificent natural scenery, which ought to be perfect for a seasonal vacation. Hunting for the best trip places near Pune for every season—from the sparkling lush monsoon to the dazzling summer and vermillion fall— is an experience not worth a pass. Regarding the ideal fusion of luxury and outdoor adventures, Nature Trails has got you covered. Indulge yourself into bracing nature walks, trekking, invigorating plunges into the pool and have exhilarating experiences while kayaking and rafting.


Choose Your Seasonal Hideaway

Nature Trails presently operates three beautiful retreats near Pune, guaranteeing an excellent vacation during every season. They serve you with a calm backdrop letting you relax and spend quality time with your family and friends in the arms of Mother Nature.


Nature Trails Durshet Delectation

Spring Splendour:Experience a completely replenished scenic view in Durshet during the season of Spring – with flowers and trees in full bloom, everything looks fresh and beautiful. Relax in your snug accommodations amidst the lush green woods or quench your wanderlust residing in tents with a touch of luxury added by the air conditioners in it, lying under the stars. During your days in the wild take a stroll on the nature trails alongside your partners experiencing the serenity of the surroundings. Have a rejuvenating swim in the pool, enjoy the time at the resort, or glide above the canopy of the beautiful lush vegetation with the adventures of Ziplining.

Nature Trails Sajan Placidity

Monsoon Magic: Elope into the serene amalgam of steep hills and lush trees with glittery showers of rain and romance. Make tree houses, cabin-style accommodations, or modern tents your adventurous hideouts at one of the most romantic places near Pune this season— each of them offering a chance to stay up close to nature. Have a pleasant stroll amidst the lush viridescence while listening to the melodious chirping of birds and the gentle whisper of trees. At night, sit around a warm blaze in the countryside with a blanket of stars overhead and immerse in jovial conversations.


Nature Trails Kundalika Escapes

Winter Wonderland: Experience a winter season no less than a fairytale: amidst the enchanting landscape of Kundalika, sparkling water of the rivers and its fertile banks. The river view rooms are warm, snug and comfortable, perfect for some rest while you indulge in the tinkling murmur of the river water. To satisfy the adrenaline junkie in you, experience spine-tingling river rafting, while for the people who just want to relax and explore, the beautifully crafted nature strolling paths will be the best. Experience a romantic nightfall amidst the sweet and snug frost of winter, where couples may dine under the stars as dusk sets in, filling their heart with warmth.



Nature Trails allows you to escape the worries of your daily life and experience ultimate serenity. Nature Trails offers you three beautiful retreats amidst the untouched beauty of nature, proving to be the ideal destination for an amazing getaway filled with relaxation, love and adventures. You get to replenish your bond by walking hand in hand taking evening strolls across lush beautiful forests or cherishing your relationship's strength while experiencing adventurous sports such as river-rafting and kayaking. Nature Trails is waiting to write a new chapter of your getaway story every season amidst the picturesque views in Durshet, which blossom during spring to Sajan, replenished during the monsoons and Kundalika is cosily beautiful during the sweet winters. If you’re planning on ditching work to take a break no matter what season it is, Nature Trails is your go-to place, to relax and revive your spirit of togetherness.