A Beginner's Guide to Exploring Nature Trails: Where to Start

Nature Trails Resort Sajan, nature resort near Mumbai & Pune

The vibrant cities of Mumbai and Pune provide endless excitement, yet there are moments when the soul craves a more serene pace and a connection with the natural world. Nature Trails, adorned with winding paths and diverse landscapes, offer an ideal nature escape with some of the best nature & adventure resorts near Mumbai & Pune. For those embarking on this journey for the first time, the idea of exploration might appear daunting. Don't worry! Let this guide be your compass, leading you on an unforgettable nature adventure tailored to your interests and comfort level.

Step into Nature's Embrace


1. Choose Your Adventure


Nature Trails offers a variety of locations near Mumbai & Pune, each catering to different preferences:


Nature Trails Durshet: Engage in the tranquil allure of the Western Ghats. Traverse ancient forests, marvel at cascading waterfalls, and encounter a myriad of wildlife. Ideal for families, birdwatchers, and nature aficionados.

Nature Trails Kundalika:Embark on an adventure-filled journey on the Kundalika River. Feel the excitement of white-water rafting, paddle through serene waters on a kayak, and camp beneath a star-studded sky. Perfect for those seeking adventure, organizing team-building outings, and adrenaline enthusiasts.

Nature Trails Sajan:Located amidst the foothills of the Sahyadri Mountains, Sajan presents a harmonious blend of adventure and self-exploration. Test your limits with rock climbing and high ropes courses, or seek tranquility in tree-top accommodations beneath a dazzling starlit sky. Tailored for individuals, couples, and corporate retreats seeking invigorating challenges and meaningful experiences.


2. Trails to Match Every Pace


If you're new to trekking, you can opt for shorter, well-maintained paths like those at Nature Trails Durshet. Family-friendly nature walks are perfect for introducing children to the wonders of nature. As you gain confidence, explore more challenging trails or longer routes.

If you're a newcomer to white-water rafting, begin at Nature Trails Kundalika with the introductory level through a carefully curated and guided expedition on the lively Kundalika River ensuring you savor every moment. If white-water rafting feels a bit too adventurous for you, consider embarking on a kayaking journey on the tranquil and serene waters instead at Nature Trails Sajan.


3. Find Your Passion


Nature Trails offers a variety of activities beyond just hiking. Awaken your inner naturalist with birdwatching sessions, immerse yourself in the tranquility of kayaking, experience the adrenaline rush of gushing waterfalls or the excitement of river rafting.


4. Embrace Eco-tourism


Committed to sustainable practices, Nature Trails prioritize minimizing environmental impact and actively supporting local communities. Trust us to ensure that your nature adventure is conducted responsibly and ethically.


5. Gear Up for Success


Wear comfortable shoes with good grip, carry water and snacks, and dress appropriately for the weather. Sunscreen, insect repellent, and a hat are essential companions.


6. Fun for All


Along with individual journey, Nature Trails retreats offer incredible shared experiences for everyone. Whether you are a corporate team looking for a getaway or a class of students exploring the forests, we have activities designed to delight all our guests and create cherished memories.


Don't let the unknown hold you back. With Nature Trails as your guide, you can embark on an unforgettable journey into the heart of nature. Choose your adventure, start slow, discover your passion, and embrace eco-conscious exploration. Remember, the greatest adventures often begin with a single step.


Book your nature escapade with Nature Trails, some of the best nature & adventure resorts near Mumbai & Pune today and step into a world of wonder!