Nature Trails Resorts: Top adventure resorts near Mumbai and Pune

River Rafting

The urban energy of Indian cities such as Mumbai or Pune is undeniable, but sometimes, the soul yearns for a different kind of thrill. An escape into the wilderness, a chance to reconnect with nature's raw beauty, and a taste of adventure await just outside the city limits. This guide explores our adventure resorts near Mumbai and Pune, each offering unique experiences to ignite your inner explorer and create memories that last a lifetime.

Nature Trails Durshet: Nestled amidst the verdant embrace of the Western Ghats, Nature Trails Durshet offers a tranquil haven for nature lovers. Embark on hiking trails through ancient forests teeming with diverse flora and fauna, or challenge yourself with a waterfall rappelling adventure, the refreshing spray a reward for your daring spirit. Unwind by the campfire under a canopy of stars, listening to the symphony of crickets and nocturnal birds. Durshet is a haven for birdwatching, with over 150 species to discover, while nature walks led by experienced guides will deepen your understanding of the delicate ecosystem. This adventure resort near Mumbai & Pune offers 8 types of adventure & sports activities including nature walks, trekking, ziplining, net climbing, Burma bridge, archery, pool, rain dance and indoor games including table tennis & carrom. You can also head for rafting to Kundalika which is just 50Km drive.

Nature Trails Kundalika: Embrace the untamed spirit of the Kundalika River, known for its thrilling white-water rapids. Kundalika rafting offers an unforgettable adventure, from white-water rafting expeditions for all levels to kayaking amidst stunning landscapes. Challenge your team to a treasure hunt along the riverbank, building camaraderie and laughter as you navigate hidden clues. In the evenings, gather around the bonfire, sharing stories and relishing the serenity of the riverside setting. Birdwatching walks and village tours offer a glimpse into the local culture and environment, adding depth to your adventure. Other adventure activities on offer include ziplining, Burma bridge, archery, rope bridges and outdoor & indoor games.

Nature Trails Sajan: Embark on a range of adventure activities at Nature Trails Sajan, nestled in the foothills of the Sahyadri Mountains. Staying in tree-top rooms under the starlit sky allows you to truly connect with nature's raw beauty. Challenge your limits with valley crossing, conquer your fears on the high ropes course, or test your teamwork on a Burma bridge. Also, on offer is kayaking on a serene lake and trekking through the lush landscape, perfect for reflection and rejuvenation. For a unique experience, learn the art of tribal archery or indulge in rain dance under the monsoon sky.

More Than Just Adventure

Nature Trails which are the top adventure resorts near Mumbai & Pune offer more than just adrenaline-pumping activities. They provide a platform to reconnect with nature and appreciate its immense value. Expert naturalists share their knowledge, fostering a deeper understanding of the local flora and fauna. Embrace sustainable practices and eco-tourism initiatives to minimize your impact on the environment.
Whether you seek an invigorating solo expedition, a Corporate Outing adventure, or a fun-filled family getaway, these adventure resorts near Pune & Mumbai offer the perfect escape. Challenge your limits, reconnect with nature, and create memories that will last a lifetime.
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