Tread on the road less travelled

From pushing boundaries on rugged terrain to discovering the undiscovered natural beauty of the pristine forests and mountains, trekking is one of the most therapeutic activities. Nature Trails Resorts offer you the opportunity to unravel the hidden secrets of nature on an adventurous trek.

Trekking at Sterling Nature Trails Durshet - Khopoli

Nestled in the pristine teak forests of the Sahyadris (Western Ghats), Sterling Nature Trails Durshet, Khopoli, invites guests to follow the forest trails lead by the melodious chirping of the exotic birds. You can also trek to the mountain forts of Sudhagad and Sarasgad, dating back to Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj, which are an absolute trekker’s delight.

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Why Trekking At Nature Trails?




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Trekking Essentials

Trekking can be as strenuous as it is exhilarating. Here are a few must-haves

• Hiking/Sports Shoes 
• Backpack 
• Drinking Water 
• Energy Bar 
• Spirit of Adventure

Let your adventurous trek begin!