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The thrill of testing uncharted waters, or simply the joy of pushing your boundaries together, as you hurtle down a river, past whirlpools, rocks, and waterfalls, makes rafting one of the most popular adventure sports. At Nature Trails Resorts, we let you explore the wisdom and mysteries of the river.

Rafting at Sterling Nature Trails Kundalika - Kolad

Sterling Nature Trails Kundalika, Kolad, is just the right place to take on your first rafting adventure or satisfy your passion for it. We have created the ideal setting for you to raft down the meandering Kundalika river, as the surrounding undulating rice fields and thick forests cheer you on!

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Why Rafting At Nature Trails?




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Sterling Nature Trails Dabhosa
(Closed For Renovation)

Rafting Essentials

Negotiating the rapids is challenging, preparing for it isn't.

• Appropriate clothing
• Courage


Let your journey on a raft begin!