Embark On A Corporate Outing Near Mumbai!


A Short Drive Away

Located in the lap of nature, Sterling Nature Trails resorts are a short drive away from cities like Mumbai and Pune, and easily accessible from Ahmedabad and Surat.

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Pristine, Unspoilt Locations

Wake up to fireflies and flowers play peek-a-boo with exotic birds and starlit skies. Nature Trails resorts are located in Maharashtra’s most pristine corners.

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Where Adventure Meets Nature.

From Rappelling to Kayaking to Zip Lining to Rafting, every activity is monitored by experienced, certified guides earning us the trust of a million visitors, and counting.

Looking for the perfect destination to recharge your team's batteries and boost their performance? Look no further than Sterling Nature Trails. Our resort offers a variety of team-building activities that are not only fun but also provide valuable opportunities for your team to connect and grow together. From trekking through lush forests to kayaking, rafting, and ziplining, we have something for everyone. But it's not just the activities that make Sterling Nature Trails the ideal corporate outing destination. Our tranquil surroundings and cosy accommodations offer the perfect balance of work and play, ensuring that your team returns to the office refreshed, re-energized, and ready to tackle any challenge.

Collaborate Better Than Ever

Helping each other
clamber up a hill is an
action as old as humanity
itself. Team building, in
its most pristine form.
Meeting Rooms to Die For

By a riverside, facing a
waterfall, inside a forest.
The chirping of birds,
instead of the hum of the
air-conditioner. Ah!
Inspiration All Around You

Nature inspires quite like
nothing else can.
Mountains, rivers, valleys,
waterfalls. Refreshing
ideas naturally follow.
Work Has Never Been Such Fun

When your goal is
rappelling up a waterfall,
kayaking across a serene
river, or ziplining across
trees, work is a breeze.
Stress? What stress?

You’ll be amazed at how
a few days pushing
your limits in the wild
outdoors can drive the
blues away.

Collaborate Better Than Ever

Helping each other climb a hill, a timeless team building action.
Meeting Rooms to Die For

By a riverside, facing a waterfall, inside a forest with bird chirps replacing air-conditioner hum.
Inspiration All Around You

Nature's mountains, rivers, valleys, and waterfalls inspire refreshing ideas.
Work Has Never Been Such Fun

With goals like rappelling a waterfall, kayaking a serene river, or ziplining across trees, work becomes fun.
Stress? What stress?

A few days in the wild outdoors can drive the blues away.

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Tree Top AC Room - Sajan

Sterling Nature Trails Durshet

Follow a mysterious forest trail in the foothills of the Sahyadris in Sterling Nature Trails, Durshet. Listen to the sounds of the forest, and discover hidden teak trails.

 Surrounded by 25 acre forest
AC Conference Hall 
 Swimming Pool 

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Sterling Nature Trails Kundalika

Relax in the lap of nature, or push yourself to the limits for an adrenalin rush at Sterling Nature Trails, Kundalika, on the banks of the picturesque Kundalika.

 On the banks of Kundalika river
AC Conference Hall 
 Swimming Pool 

Night View of Exterior

Sterling Nature Trails Sajan

Be it waking up to the chirping of birds in a treetop room and getting a whiff of the invigorating morning dew, or stepping on a Burma Bridge, Sterling Nature Trails, Sajan is the place to be.

 Surrounded by lush greenery
AC Conference Hall 
 Swimming Pool 

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