Embark On A Corporate Outing Near Mumbai!

Unleash Your Team's Potential with Corporate Outings at Sterling Nature Trails
  • Trek through lush forests
  • Kayak, raft, and zipline for adventure
  • Experience camping under the stars
  • Challenge yourselves with rope climbing
  • Connect with nature on a serene nature walk

a man and a woman geared up for activities amidst lush green forest


Build bonds on a trek

Follow an inviting forest trail in the lap of the Sahyadris at Sterling Nature Trails, Durshet.

a man and a woman kayaking on a river


Swim against the tide on a kayak

Glide through the idyllic lake at Sterling Nature Trails, Sajan on a kayak. 

raftin at kundalika zzz5wd


Test your resilience on a raft

Float past thick forests at Sterling Nature Trails, Kundalika on a raft.

a man and a woman ziplining beside each other during daytime


Soar to new heights on a zipline

Soar above a forest at Sterling Nature Trails, Durshet.

Boost teamwork, recharge and have fun! Book your corporate outing near Mumbai now. For queries related to corporate outings please call 080 4804 9753.

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