Attractions Close to the Resort


Tiger Caves

The Tiger Cave is a rock-cut Hindu temple complex located in the hamlet of Saluvankuppam near Mahabalipuram in Tamil Nadu, India. It gets its name from the carvings of tiger heads on the mouth of a cave which forms a part of the complex. The Tiger Cave is considered to be one of the Mahabalipuram rock-cut temples constructed by the Pallavas in the 8th century AD. The site is located on the Bay of Bengal coast and is a popular picnic spot and tourist destination. The temple is maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).


Hanuman Point

The Hanuman Point is another natural sightseeing attraction of Jawhar. According to legends, Hanuman, who was the disciple of Lord Ram rested here while travelling across to meet Lord Ram’s brother, Bharath due to which the place got its name. This point lies near the famous Jai Vilas Palace of Jawhar city and is its one of the prime tourist locations. The place provides a panoramic view of the nearby valley. Its background consists of green forests and domes of Jai Vilas Palace.


Jawhar Place

Located on the hilltop, Jai Vilas Palace is regarded as Jawhar's one of the most prominent historic sites. Also known as Raj Bari, the palace once served as the home to the kings of Munke Family. The location of the fort was a great help for the king to keep eye on his enemies. The place offers a beautiful architecture featuring an attractive dome flanked by lush green surroundings. The interiors of the palace narrate the lifestyle and the culture of the tribal kings of Munke family. One will also find the fort in several film shootings owing to its unique architecture.


Jay Sagar Dam

Jawahar Sagar Dam is a dam across the Chambal River. It is situated 24 kilometres south-west of Kota, Rajasthan, India. It is one of the dams which have been built under the Chambal Valley project of State of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.


Jawhar Sunset Point

The Sunset point is a place with an enchanting natural setting serving as the prime attraction of the hill town of Jawhar. A paradise for nature lovers, this place is famed for its beautiful surroundings and mesmerizing sunset view. Apart from that, the temple of Gramadaivat serves as another signification attraction in the area.


Moho Khurd Dam

The Moho Khurd Dam is situated adjacent to the town of Sajan, at the Moho River and is one of the smaller dams of the town. This dam is a man-made water reservoir, accompanied by a waterfall. The area around this dam is a popular picnic spot, due to its green surroundings and calm atmosphere.


  • Dadar-110KM
  • Chembur-95KM
  • Borivli-80KM
  • Thane-92KM
  • Nashik-110KM

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