School Camp India

Far from the Razzle- Dazzle

Nature Trails regularly organizes school camps near Mumbai. Every year more than 10,000 children visit our resorts near Mumbai for activity camps. All the camps are organized at our own properties.


Getting in touch with our Grassroots

Nature and Culture make a heady combination over this 30-acre campus. The Resort (Which resort??) is a beehive of activity, buzzing with floriculture projects in the two greenhouses, horticulture projects in our various farms and adventure activities in the artificial lake, artificial rock climbing wall and lotus pond. The newly introduced biomass project and a cowshed with adorable cows add to the charm of this dream getaway.

Memories and Mementos

For the ones interested in taking something of this magical place home, there are mementoes for sale like Warli paintings on various mediums, seasonal fruits and vegetables and woven baskets. The local Tarpa dancing at night is another highlight that one can participate in. Located at just 2/ 2 and half hours from Mumbai and Nasik, it is ideal for day picnics, corporate outdoor training programs of longer durations and families over the weekends.