Hotels In Punchgani

All mountains are breathing, heaving forms of energy and fire and what better feeling can one have in today’s world, full of dull, drab and drudgery than to spend a few days, a week or a weekend, with family, friends and loved ones in a luxurious place surrounded with such alive mountains and a buzzing, teeming with life forests such as Hotels in Panchgani.
Amazingly, the place Panchgani derives its name from five Mountain Peaks surrounding it. Situated at an altitude of 1334m, this place is just 38m below Mahableshwar, thus making a regal destination with all the people who want to have a few quiet days, away from all the bustle and din of the daily rigmarole urban existence. Hotels in Panchgani range from the good old British Raj architecture to Parsi style décor; from three-star to five-star service ratings; rooms ranging from the not-so-expensive to the grand royal suite.
Hotels in Panchgani are not only known about their exquisite services but are also famous for their vacation atmosphere which all the families and people in general visiting so earnestly search for. Yes, these hotels with their windows and balconies opening to the lush, verdant, virgin forests and valleys create an aura of an unforgettable trip, complete with top-notch gourmet with all the variety full of delicacies right from Indian to Thai to Chinese to Italian to Continental and many more.
Hotels in Panchgani are also the best bet when it comes to being treated as celebratory guests due to their many massage parlours for women, fun, recreational and game centres for children and High-Spirits Lounge for men. Also, sight-seeing tours are arranged by the respective hotels thus taking their guests to all the important points and places of the region. Truly, an all-inclusive, worth every cent experience….so, why wait…..See you soon in Panchgani – Land of Hills and High fun.