Nature Trails brings Wonder Woman Contest!

As the weekend approaches, men are happy for getting a day off. Kids are overjoyed as they don’t have to attend the school. But who’s missing?

You guessed it right! The Women! Be it a week-day or a weekend, there’s no single day where they don’t have to work. They keep working throughout year without asking for a day off, or without even seeking any acknowledgments for their efforts.

As Women’s Day is approaching, Nature Trails has decided to take this opportunity and acknowledge each of these women in a heartfelt way. In our opinion, each of the women are wonderful! They are no less than any superhero! Then why not make them feel special?

Nature Trails presents the #WonderWoman Contest! Rules are simple, all you need to do is, share with us a short story of Who’s the Wonder Woman in your life and why is she so special?

What do you get?

The best entry gets a FREE Stay for FOUR at one of our resorts!

We wish to make all the women around feel special and own the day. Join us in the initiative and stand a chance to win amazing merchandise!


  • Share a Short Story of the Wonder Woman in your life on our Website
  • The story should mention the name of the #WonderWoman, her relationship with you and why is she special
  • The winner will be announced on Women’s Day itself
  • The winner will get a FREE overnight stay for Four at one of our resorts
  • The offer will be valid only for the following weekend i.e. 10th-11th March
  • The winner will be announced on Facebook and will be connected telephonically
  • Submit Your Story