Safety Policy: (Especially for Adventure Activities)

  • Things to be carried: Water bottle, Cap or hat, napkin or handkerchief, Odomos, umbrella/raincoat and towel during monsoon.
  • You will be performing adventure activities at our resort. There is always a certain degree of risk associated with all adventure activities. At all our resorts, we have a Safety Management System in place which includes risk management. If you perform the activities as per the briefing and instructions given by our instructors; you will drive maximum enjoyment at minimum risk.
  • Shorts and Saris not suitable. Chappals, sandals, high heels not suitable. Full pants and footwear that provides proper grip to your feet; are suitable.
  • Ladies with long hair should tie them up.
  • Long and hanging jewellery should be removed.
  • People suffering from various physical or mental infirmities should not participate.
  • People under the influence of alcohol or other drugs will not be allowed to perform adventure activities.
  • Filling up disclaimer form is a legal requirement.
  • Please help us by filling the participants'feedback form after performing adventure activities.